These pictures are one year apart.. I didn’t discover keto until this year and I’ve lost almost 60 pounds. The smile i tried to force in the first picture is painfully fake.. I was tired, depressed, struggling with constant inflammation, and I felt hopeless. I have posted progress pictures before but I have been scared lately because of all of the rude people in this group but I’m going to post again anyway. ☺️❤️ my wedding is this month and I don’t want to post dress before and afte me pictures yet but my dress has been taken in a lot! Have a great day everyone and keep going!(I am not done BTW I want to lose 40 more pounds)

I started Keto in May 2018 at 240 pounds and taking 11 medications. (I'm 45yrs old, 5'4)
I suffer from a facial pain condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia, I was in so much daily pain! Fatigue, fibromyalgia, autoimmune issues, headaches, Inflammation was so high that my doctor referred me to a rheumatologist;
But I suspected that my food choices were to blame for the inflammation, because I ate like a stubborn child when it came to primarily eating foods that made me "happy."
I decided to see how unmedicated I could be, and decided to use Keto as my eating plan to see how I could improve my health. (at my worst, I was on 45 pills a day.. and my doctor just kept adding more)
Doing clean Keto with intermittent fasting has helped me eliminate 9 medications and lose 83 pounds so far. The key is to target inflammation with your foods, so that your body can heal first, then it will release weight.
This is my WHY to keep going:
It is possible to live life unstuck, and unmedicated.
Food can be our medicine.
There is hope, my friends.. don't give up!
You are welcome to follow my journey on my personal page, if that would be helpful

MONDAY MOTIVATION - I did this with a keto lifestyle change and a huge mental upgrade. :)
Short and simple this morning y'all. Especially you mofo's that said you were starting today but stopped at the drive through on your way to work, and now you're saying "tomorrow" or "actually this week's no good, but next week for sure".
You're not going to do it until you DO IT.
So just freaking DO IT.
The time for thinking is over. You've thought too much, too long. You know where you are and you're sick of it. You know where you want to be and you don't believe you'll ever get there.
All the motivational quotes and shit are true, but you still have to do it. "A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step."
So take your first step today.
Not tomorrow. Now.
(Here's the secret: it begins with a choice in your mind, and dedication to that choice despite the not knowing, the hunger, and the desire to slip back into comfortable routines. In your mind...in your mind...it is all in your mind.)
I love you all, you beautiful humans! We're alive today, so let's live and fight and thrive!

Wow. I never realized how big I was. I will never let myself go again. I am down a total of 42lbs from my start weight which was way after this picture was taken. I’m sure I weighed even more in this picture

Low Carb life, less than 30g a day... from 650lbs (2009) to 260lbs (today) it's a journey but you get used to it and it just becomes the norm. You can do it. Have a great weekend and keep them carbs low!!!

Keto Update: I started my keto journey Jan 1st at 318lbs. As of today I’m 198!!! 120lbs gone!! Proofs in the picture, it works!! Update for those asking: the thing that worked for me is keep it simple!! That’s it!! I was mindful of carbs but never kept count because I knew what I was eating and it’s mostly if not all Whole Foods. Nothing processed. I eat maybe twice a day and snack in between. I use stevia as my sweetener and have my large coffee with heavy cream everyday. I didn’t start working out until the 5th or 6th month because of the weight loss so I started doing a lot of core workouts “planks” to tighten my core and work out with light weights and do a good bit of cardio 3-4 times a week. This is what’s worked for me. And I couldn’t be happier. Whatever you take from my post just never give up. I haven’t felt like myself in a long time ...and now I’m back

Jessica A. DeRosa 
187 to 172 August 20th and today. I have never lost this much weight so fast Until I started keto. It took me a long time to even want to start keto. I’m mind blown..by the way I am 5’2 and my goal weight is 145.
p.s I’ve been trying to get this belt to fit and I finally did it even if it is on the first hole
Kierra Alford
One solid month down on keto! I was 242 when I joined the group now I'm 227 and still going! Some days I don't feel like eating because the fat intake really starts to get to me. But it's working. I need more recipe ideas that are yummy. I'm almost tired of all meat. And really missing lots of veggies beans and fruit. But one day @ a time! 15lbs down! Lost ALOT of inches!!!!! 

Amber Marie

Been Keto For awhile trying to remain focus on this journey 10 pounds and I’ll be out the 200s. 70 pounds down.

Stepping out of my comfort zone posting this but here goes. Picture on left is before keto and the one on the right is today. Down 55 lbs since 1/22/19. Keto has definitely changed my life!

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