Steak Bites with Mashed Cauliflower Meal Prep

Keto Steak Bites with Mashed Cauliflower Meal Prep Recipes
Steak Bites with Mashed Cauliflower Meal Prep 
Garlic steak bites are served with creamy mashed cauliflower for a low carb version of steak and potatoes. This easy meal is tasty and perfect for your weekly meal prep.

ingredients keto diet:
Steak Bites

  •  1 tbsp olive oil
  •  1 lb new york strip steak (or boneless ribeye, top sirloin) cut into bite-sized cubes
  •  2 tbsp butter
  •  4 cloves garlic minced
  •  1 1/2 tbsp low sodium soy sauce
  •  1/4 tsp garlic powder
  •  1 tbsp parsley finely chopped

Mashed Cauliflower

  •  3 cups cauliflower rice steamed until tender
  •  1/2 cup shredded parmesan cheese
  •  2 1/2 oz sour cream
  •  1/4 tsp garlic powder

Sauteed Spinach

  •  1 tbsp olive oil
  •  1 clove garlic minced
  •  1 lb baby spinach leaves
  •  salt to taste

Directions keto for beginners:
Steak Bites

  • Add the olive oil to a large nonstick skillet and bring to high heat. When oil is hot, add in the steak.
  • Cook steak bites about 1-2 minutes on each side, letting them develop a golden sear before flipping them. 
  • While steak is cooking, make the sauce. In a small saucepan, and butter and garlic. Cook over low medium heat until butter is melted and garlic starts to brown and the flavor of the garlic is infused with the butter. Stir in the garlic powder and soy sauce. Taste and adjust as needed.
  • When steak is cooked to medium (still pink in the middle), reduce heat to medium and pour the garlic butter sauce over the steak. Stir steak until it is cooked to your desired doneness and evenly coated in sauce. If needed, add more soy sauce. Garnish with parsley. Add steak to meal prep containers.

Mashed Cauliflower
Pat dry cooked cauliflower rice and place into a food processor. Add in Parmesan cheese, sour cream and garlic powder and process at high speed until cauliflower is mashed and creamy. Add salt if needed. Add mashed cauliflower to meal prep containers.

Sauteed Spinach
In a large skillet, add olive oil and garlic and bring to high heat. Add spinach and cook until tender. Season with salt, to taste. Add spinach to meal prep containers.

Notes keto diet:

  • I use these Meal Prep Containers*
  • Instead of cauliflower rice, you can also use a large head of cauliflower, cut into bite-sized florets.
  • You can omit the soy sauce and season steak with just salt. Do not do a direct 1:1 substitution. Just season lightly with salt, as needed.
  • To prevent overcooking the steak during reheating, you can initially cook the steak to a medium rare.
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