Keto Smoked Ham Cod W Mustardy Spinach And Leeks

Keto Smoked Ham Cod W Mustardy Spinach And Leeks
Bake this recipe in your oven and smell all the flavors that will fill your kitchen! Smokey ham, brown mustard, aromatic leeks, and a hint of garlic are the predominant fragrances you’ll smell. The texture of crisp ham around flaky fish, paired with chewy and tender greens all come together for a delicious dish.

  • Cod Atlantic Raw 5 oz (142g) 
  • Salt ⅛ teaspoon 
  • Black Pepper, Ground ⅛ teaspoon 
  • Paprika ⅛ teaspoon 
  • Oregano, Dried ¼ teaspoon 
  • Lemon Pepper Seasoning ⅛ teaspoon 
  • Crushed Red Pepper by Simply Organic ⅛ tsp 
  • Deli Recla Alto Adige Speck (dry-cured Smoked Italian Ham by Freshdirect ⅔ ounce (19g) 
  • Olive Oil 4 teaspoon (18g or 0.63 oz) 
  • Spinach 4 ounce (113g) 
  • Leeks, Raw 2 ounce (57g) 
  • Salt ¼ teaspoon (2g or 0.07 oz) 
  • Black Pepper, Ground ¼ teaspoon 
  • Garlic, Powder ¼ teaspoon 
  • Spicy Brown Mustard by French's 2 tablespoon (30g or 1.06 oz) 
  • Butter, Unsalted 1 tablespoon (14g or 0.49 oz)
1. Lay two small cod filets on a flat surface, seasoning them with the first amounts of salt and pepper; paprika; oregano; lemon pepper; and red pepper.
2. Wrap a slice of smoked cured ham around each filet, tucking the ends under the fish. Heat the olive oil in a pan on the stove over medium-high heat, and place the wrapped filets in the hot oil.
3. Sear the ham onto the fish on both sides, cooking for about 2 minutes per side to turn the ham a golden brown. Transfer the filets aside to rest before finishing them off in the oven later.
4. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. In a mixing bowl, combine roughly chopped spinach and leeks (dark and white parts) with the second amounts of salt and pepper; garlic powder; brown mustard; and MELTED butter. Toss until the greens are completely coated.
5. Spray a seasoned sheet tray with pan spray and spread the spinach/leeks across the pan. Make small pockets for your cod filets and lay them gently in the spaces.
6. Bake the tray for 30 minutes. The fish will be cooked through with crisp edges, and the greens will be very wilted, fragrant, and slightly crispier around the edges of the pan. Enjoy!
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